More reasons to love organic

There are so many reasons to love organic and we’re keen to hear yours.

Whether you support good animal welfare, are concerned about the environment or simply want your food to be more natural; by sharing your reason on Facebook, Twitter or your blog you’re helping to tell others all the wonderful benefits of organic.

Organic has lots of celebrity fans too! Check out their reasons on the right.

Latest reasons

  • Gayle Force , 58 Because organic food is a natural way of eating. From veg to meat organic is the way. The vibrational energy of food organic is more in keeping with our bodies. All our food should be organic. We will then create naturally healthy people ,instead of people affected by chemicals. Our bodies can fight disease much more easily when we eat correctly. I have freinds all over the world and we all feel that variety in ffods and organic food is the way. Flag this comment
  • duncan , 27 I hate the idea of animals being reared in sheds never seeing a field or grass, overcrowded so they're bound to fight and where disease would be rife without constant antibiotics, given unnatural feeds to accelerate their growth till their bones can't take the weight. Only by insisting on "organic" chickens, pigs and beef can I be sure the animals I eat haven't suffered this way. And for that I'll pay a few pence more. Flag this comment
  • Paul Moore , 47 When I left college I worked on an apple farm in Hereford and was pretty startled to realise that the conventional apples we were growing there were sprayed to bring out the colour on unripe apples. It was so effective you could see the tiny detail of a leaf imprint where it lay on the skin. Red surrounding and green underneath. The apple was still sour and unripe when picked a few days later and it was all done to catch the early season high prices. The apples went off to market unripe and covered in the residue of this spray. A year later I was working in an organic orchard. The difference was huge. The apples were picked when ripe (the seeds fully developed and brown) and no residues accompanied them to market. Only Sun, rain and time brought the blush to their cheeks! I love and appreciate the real differences in organic production, not often immediately apparent, that brings so many benefits to both us as consumers as well as the indirect benefits in the field and countryside. Flag this comment
  • John Portelli , 49 Organic - What else! There is no alternative to organic living, it is healthier to you, the environment, and the producer. Flag this comment
  • Rachel tomlinson , 45 After adverse reactions to my skin and glands from artificial sweeteners I went onto organic food and products as much as I can and since then my immune system has improved and so has my skin. Also being organic in food , clothes and toiletries and household cleaning stuff I know I am helping the planet, animals and the people. I used to use a lot of chemicals ect in the work I did and I know the effects it has on wildlife as well as people. my children are brought up on this organic life and they to know the difference it makes. I just wish the government make it compulsory that everything has to be organic after all we have the evidence to prove chemicals do harm such a lot but why o why are they still sitting on their hands on this. Maybe we should all bombard them with information to make it compulsory in such a month as June where everyone sends more than one letter to the house of commons as I think it would be fantastic to put the message in their face with mountains of paperwork from all of us. Would it not be wonderful to send so much that it would compleatley cover the guy in charge (or is he ) and if he thought he was being bombarded and suffocated with our mail then at lest he would get a tiny feeling how our plants suffer and the animals as well as humans suffer from being bombarded and suffocated from chemicals. What are they waiting for. Everyone knows about chemicals and organic debate it's being going on long long long enough. The public seam to be making bigger changes than the government ??? Sorry but they are dragging their heals on this. Anyway I must go now as I am about to ask a childrens play centre to use organic wash up liquid and toilet rolls and have changes to their menu also a disabled childrens centre to change their childrens squashes to organic drinks and also the deaf group I go to. Little changes from a normal little person is better than non at all but if everyone asked their local places to change by offer them some free samples to try maybe it will start to pread not just in the local workplaces but the people who work their might just catch on and they tell their friends and family etc so everyone can make slow knock on forward changes even if it takes more than one attempt , at lest we did try. Go on spread a bit of organic after all it only takes a bit of your time x x x x Flag this comment
  • stephanie smith , 49 I have sufferd from cancer for the past 4 years, and the reaccurance always seems to happen in october, and due to treatments i have felt to poorly to enjoy my much loved christmas lunch...but this year i am so far cancer free, and my daughter who is 26 is home for christmas day after 9 years away from me on the big day, so this year real tree, organic turkey my only child, stuffed stockings, and i am looking forward to my christmas day to win this would make it all complete... Flag this comment
  • Rita , Do I have to? Ok 64 CUCUMBER! Don't laugh. Thin slices of cucumber and tomato with a little oil, vinegar, basil, sugar. Make it early morning and pop it in the fridge. Serve any time everyone looks stuffed. You can only do it with [imported] organic cucumber because you need to leave the skin on for a bit of crunch. Enjoy! Flag this comment
  • PAM , 53 CHRISTAMS Would not be the same withouth those left over turkey sandwhichs with homemade cranberry sace Flag this comment
  • Gill Curwen My own home grown organic parsnips because not only do they taste better by a million miles and contain no artificial nasties, the immense satisfaction I get from growing and sharing my own organic veg with all of my family and friends helps with that Christmas warm glow and cheer! Flag this comment
  • Jo714 Organic food tastes better and organic cosmetics smell lovely naturally, and I feel good about buying, eating or using the products because it is better for the environment. Flag this comment

Celebrity reasons

Sarah Beeny

"The more we support organic products the more accessible they will become – the benefits are so great it’s hard to know where to start."

Bob Flowerdew

"I love organic food, especially when it's my own home grown produce, simply because it tastes so good!"

Alys Fowler

"I love organic because we are just as much a part of nature as a slug and organic systems recognise that we've all got a part to play. It's kinder to the earth and therefore kinder to us to use organic products."

Sara Cox

"With three young children, it’s important that I’m giving them the best to eat. Through buying organic I can rest assured that the food they are eating is natural and good for them."

Zac Goldsmith

"At a time when it’s almost impossible to know if the food we are eating has been produced cleanly and ethically, the one standard we can all trust is organic. That’s why I absolutely back the ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign and wish it all the success in the world."

Tom Aikens

"I have always loved organic food because of the love of animals and the care they get, which then gives the meat that extra special depth of flavour and quality that is always consistent with what I require."

Latest reasons to love organic:

  • becky, its worth paying for!
  • alexander, sustainability
  • jenny, lack of chemicals and health reasons!
  • Lauren Manning, Because it's better for you.
  • ellie ashcroft, knowing where your food has come from!
  • Cassy, Way forward for our planet
  • chris gardner, its pure and simple!
  • Jeremy Food, my wife insists on buying local and organic. also, we have an allotment.
  • robyn james, less chemicals in my food!
  • rebecca freeman, more natural