More reasons to love organic

There are so many reasons to love organic and we’re keen to hear yours.

Whether you support good animal welfare, are concerned about the environment or simply want your food to be more natural; by sharing your reason on Facebook, Twitter or your blog you’re helping to tell others all the wonderful benefits of organic.

Organic has lots of celebrity fans too! Check out their reasons on the right.

Latest reasons

  • Amy Jean , 24 Juicy organic carrots! al a Hugh Fernly-Whittingstall with honey, orange, cumin and butter. the most sweet spicy and warm christassy mouthfull you can ever imagin! Flag this comment
  • Thea I Would say the most essential part of christmas dinner is the meat - this year we're having a bronze free range organic turkey and a lovely organic ham. However parsnips are SOO much nicer when they are organic too. Flag this comment
  • Matt Forrester , 31 I cannot live without roasted organic parsnips covered in honey on the Christmas table, so put some in the hamper if I win it! Merry Christmas!! Flag this comment
  • Sav , 28 Apples!!! The first thing I learnt that 'keeps the doctor away' and even more of a reason to 'keep the doctor away' when organic. An absolute favourite snack and complement for porridge in the morning, pies for dinner's dessert, and more! Warming or refreshing and available all year round! :) Flag this comment
  • Sarah Allen , 28 Organic just tastes better. Full stop. Especially if it's spuds and onions from the allotment! And organic free range eggs and chicken are a must. Flag this comment
  • keiron , 20 A nut roast is one thing i could not live without at christmas lunch, all them great organic ingredients (some curtosy of suma) and the rest local organic helathfood shops. LOVE IT!! Flag this comment
  • Alexandra The Christmas dinner table has to include stuffing,as I only really seem to have it at this time. Not forgetting some Christmas pudding later - usually a Village Bakery one. Flag this comment
  • James Even though they can make you fart, Brussells sprouts are a necessity at Christmas. I don't I have had a Christmas without eating a few. Flag this comment
  • Sophie Gould , 21 You can't beat a lovely organic bird: goose, turkey, duck, chicken...reared organically it's the best part of Christmas cheer! Flag this comment
  • Emma James Parsnips. Fresh, organic, tasty. Roasted with olive oil, garlic, cumin & caraway seed. Drizzled with maple syrup and scattered with flat leaf parsley & seasoning. Fresh, homegrown/locally sourced, the tastebuds tingle when it's organic rather than shop bought, the taste richer, the smell more inviting. Why settle for second best? Flag this comment

Celebrity reasons

Sarah Beeny

"The more we support organic products the more accessible they will become – the benefits are so great it’s hard to know where to start."

Bob Flowerdew

"I love organic food, especially when it's my own home grown produce, simply because it tastes so good!"

Alys Fowler

"I love organic because we are just as much a part of nature as a slug and organic systems recognise that we've all got a part to play. It's kinder to the earth and therefore kinder to us to use organic products."

Sara Cox

"With three young children, it’s important that I’m giving them the best to eat. Through buying organic I can rest assured that the food they are eating is natural and good for them."

Zac Goldsmith

"At a time when it’s almost impossible to know if the food we are eating has been produced cleanly and ethically, the one standard we can all trust is organic. That’s why I absolutely back the ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign and wish it all the success in the world."

Tom Aikens

"I have always loved organic food because of the love of animals and the care they get, which then gives the meat that extra special depth of flavour and quality that is always consistent with what I require."

Latest reasons to love organic:

  • becky, its worth paying for!
  • alexander, sustainability
  • jenny, lack of chemicals and health reasons!
  • Lauren Manning, Because it's better for you.
  • ellie ashcroft, knowing where your food has come from!
  • Cassy, Way forward for our planet
  • chris gardner, its pure and simple!
  • Jeremy Food, my wife insists on buying local and organic. also, we have an allotment.
  • robyn james, less chemicals in my food!
  • rebecca freeman, more natural