More reasons to love organic

There are so many reasons to love organic and we’re keen to hear yours.

Whether you support good animal welfare, are concerned about the environment or simply want your food to be more natural; by sharing your reason on Facebook, Twitter or your blog you’re helping to tell others all the wonderful benefits of organic.

Organic has lots of celebrity fans too! Check out their reasons on the right.

Latest reasons

  • Kat Turner , 28 Turkey! Because it' will actually have flavour! Flag this comment
  • Holly , 26 Christmas would not be the same without a succulent, organic beef joint. I believe in feeding my family the very best, so it must be organic all the way! Flag this comment
  • Eileen Teo , 32 to feel health! and not poision by the insecticides. Flag this comment
  • Cinthia Chiluiza It has to be the Christmas pudding because it's moist and full of flavours that only organic ingredients give. It's also one of the lovely British traditions of this season. Flag this comment
  • Louise Phillpott A lovely organic turkey crown will be our centre piece this year. Flag this comment
  • Sophie Anderson , 28 As much of our Christmas dinner as possible will be organic from the turkey to vegetables. It will be my daughters first Christmas and since weaning her onto solid food, I've become passionate about making sure she eats as naturally as possible and as a result, we are eating a lot healthier as a family as I am so much more aware of ensuring we eat only good quality food :) Flag this comment
  • Sian Buckler Put Simply it tastes nice xx Flag this comment
  • keyur , 32 organic is well Flag this comment
  • Allan Hunter , 34 Not sure if it is strictly classed as a food item, but after your stunning organic Christmas dinner and the organic Christmas pudding, nothing beats a wee dram of Benromach's organic single malt whisky. There is a rather special and different reason to love organic produce. Flag this comment
  • helen We have as much organic food on the table as possible at Christmas, but especially the veggies as they taste so much better! Flag this comment

Celebrity reasons

Sarah Beeny

"The more we support organic products the more accessible they will become – the benefits are so great it’s hard to know where to start."

Bob Flowerdew

"I love organic food, especially when it's my own home grown produce, simply because it tastes so good!"

Alys Fowler

"I love organic because we are just as much a part of nature as a slug and organic systems recognise that we've all got a part to play. It's kinder to the earth and therefore kinder to us to use organic products."

Sara Cox

"With three young children, it’s important that I’m giving them the best to eat. Through buying organic I can rest assured that the food they are eating is natural and good for them."

Zac Goldsmith

"At a time when it’s almost impossible to know if the food we are eating has been produced cleanly and ethically, the one standard we can all trust is organic. That’s why I absolutely back the ‘Why I Love Organic’ campaign and wish it all the success in the world."

Tom Aikens

"I have always loved organic food because of the love of animals and the care they get, which then gives the meat that extra special depth of flavour and quality that is always consistent with what I require."

Latest reasons to love organic:

  • becky, its worth paying for!
  • alexander, sustainability
  • jenny, lack of chemicals and health reasons!
  • Lauren Manning, Because it's better for you.
  • ellie ashcroft, knowing where your food has come from!
  • Cassy, Way forward for our planet
  • chris gardner, its pure and simple!
  • Jeremy Food, my wife insists on buying local and organic. also, we have an allotment.
  • robyn james, less chemicals in my food!
  • rebecca freeman, more natural