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Delve into a mouth-watering selection of recipes supplied by leading organic brands. From classics such as traditional roast leg of lamb to chocolate and amaretto panna cotta – there’s everything to get you excited for a whole new world of organic food including healthy lunches and indulgent evening treats. Just remember to use organic ingredients and tell us why you love it. You can select a recipe below or filter the recipes using the search function.

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  • Organic Wild Mushroom and Roast Garlic 'Tumbleweeds' by Nigel Haworth
    Looking just like little tumbleweeds, Nigel Haworth's deep-fried mushroom canapés make a perfect snack or...
  • Organic chargrilled hanger steak, loaded potato skins, baby gem and blue cheese salad by Lisa Allen
  • Roasted organic pork with salt and pepper crackling and autumn brassicas by Nigel Haworth
  • Organic chargrilled hanger steak, loaded potato skins, baby gem and blue cheese salad by Lisa Allen
    Cooking Time: 1 hour 55 minutes, plus 1 hour briningServes: 4
  • Organic Barley, Pea and Mint Salad with Fresh Goat’s Cheese by Emily Watkins
    Cooking Time:50 minutes Serves:4 

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Organic Mini Minty Lamb Kofta

Reasons to love organic

Better for nature

Organic food is grown and farmed in a way that is kinder to nature and
the environment.

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High animal welfare

With plenty of space and fresh air to thrive and grow, organic animals are happier animals.

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More natural food

Organic means no GM crops and fewer artificial pesticides, no hydrogenated fats and
fewer additives.

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Great tasting food

Organic food is good food bursting with flavour.

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Latest reasons to love organic:

  • becky, its worth paying for!
  • alexander, sustainability
  • jenny, lack of chemicals and health reasons!
  • Lauren Manning, Because it's better for you.
  • ellie ashcroft, knowing where your food has come from!
  • Cassy, Way forward for our planet
  • chris gardner, its pure and simple!
  • Jeremy Food, my wife insists on buying local and organic. also, we have an allotment.
  • robyn james, less chemicals in my food!
  • rebecca freeman, more natural